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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A post about elitism and exclusivity... because I felt like it.

I am not the kind of person to baffle you with my incredible knowledge. Nor am I the person who has 35 links to all scientific journals. I have never been one of those people who is convinced at the drop of a hat once it has been "proven" by science or some doctor or scientist somewhere said something that sounded like it might have been proven. I guess part of that is because I am a person who relies mostly on my own intuitions and feelings towards things overall.

Being Primal (and I am Primal not Paleo as it has been made pointedly clear in the last day or so) is a choice I made because it FELT RIGHT to me. That is it. I saw some people (Tim and Brenda) who had some kick ass results. Just like in OA you find someone who has what you want and you make them your sponsor... Brenda was already my mentor for interpreting in my internship-why not take that a bit further and have her be my "Primal Sponsor"... worked for me. I saw her results and I copied her behaviors. I read "The Primal Blueprint" and I spent hours upon hours on Mark's Daily Apple. None of this time was to learn the science behind it or know all the technical reasons or the "proof" ... it was to see other people's results and to build relationships that, to this day, are still going strong. (I think you will agree Melissa, D, Deanna, Amanda, Batty, Jenn, Teri, Amy, and Shannon) The friendships I acquired and the knowledge I gained from them are invaluable.

Since then there was a Facebook group created for other Primals... it has a really inventive name it is called PRIMAL... (I know right?) From there I branched out and met even more friends who are SO important to me (Porter, Amber, Roger and more). My relationships continued to grow and I was, at the same time, able to grow as a person. No one needed to send me an article or link me to a boring lecture to tell me this is what was right. No one had to prove to me that these relationships meant something-it is just the way it is. It felt right, and so it is right.

Something I always loved about my experiences on MDA (I am not a huge forum goer anymore because it took on a feel that I don't support which I will address later) is that no matter what I had to say there was always someone there to back me up or support me. Not with *cold hard facts from the Internet* (Come on people-really?)  but with their emotional support which is what I, as a human, really need. Maybe I am less evolved than I should be... maybe I am missing the whole "Intelligent Being" wagon that rolled by... if that is the case *Shrug* Oh well... I highly value the spiritual side of my being and if I had to sacrifice that to be more intelligent... then no thank you.

I guess where I am going with all of this is that something I have valued and cherished for so long (Since February of 2010) something that has quite literally saved my life seems to be taking on a trend that all too many things do. The trend of "elitism and exclusivity" as I put in my blog title. I am not one who has ever done anything to fit in. I am true to myself regardless of what it does for my social life. I have never been a fan of fads or cliques because they EXCLUDE others. I have been that person. I have been on the other side of the bully's stick and it was never easy. To think that making snide comments about a person's life choices is not bullying is just as ignorant as saying the sky is not blue. And if your first instinct is to respond to this with a scientific documentation proving the sky is not blue, you should know, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!

All I am asking is for a bit of respect. Some love and some peace. What happened to make people adamant against getting along? Is there something in us that creates the need to argue and fight? Where did that spawn from?

Just know this. I don't judge you. Even if you don't fit in somewhere else-you will always fit in with me. There is enough room in my heart for each and every creature in this world and I value all of you. Everyone is different, that is true, but we all need love to survive... if you would like I could find a scientific document to prove that is true... but I wont.

Please-think before you speak. Don't criticize someone just because they believe or do something different than you do. I was considering removing myself from my more recent group on Facebook (International Paleo Movement Group) because I feel that the point of this group is exclusivity and elitism, not support and love. I may stay on a bit longer and just post really nice and loving things on every single post I see. I think that love is exponential-you can not run out of it... and it is also contagious. Please-Spread the love.

Thanks for reading. I hope your day is just as beautiful as you are inside and out.



  1. AWWW Thanks guys!!! :) I love you both too! <3

  2. surround yourself with the ones that complete, nurture, and fulfill you.

    the rest don't matter.