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Friday, January 6, 2012

4/366: Mimi's Balls and Lack of Tired!

It is day 4 of our adventure and here we are... I am still alive and to be quite honest I feel better than I have in a while. I have been really tired lately but after getting up for my morning job, and coming home and taking a nap, I FINALLY felt normal! :) YAY!

Ben and I went grocery shopping mid-day again when I had a break in my work. We went to POM and got some meats and stuff and then went to HyVee and got some other stuff... (got some hyvee bacon cuz the "super good" was SUPER salty)... and then we had lunch at HyVee again cuz I had to be at work in less than 30 mins so we just grabbed some meat and veggie sides at the deli and it was pretty delicious (AND SUPER CHEAP).

I think we are starting to realize that making dinner at home is not as hard or as time consuming as we were once portraying it to be. As long as we have a plan to what we want to eat we have kept the food coming... it has all been WAY better (and healthier) than what we would have gotten at a restaurant... and more than likely we are saving a lot of money.

So for supper we made Mimi's Balls... Well I made them... Ben took a couple pictures and disappeared into the office to play Star Wars (with my blessing... he has done a lot around the house this week and I had fun cooking alone... this once.)

We did change her recipe a bit. I did half beef half pork, as well as not adding the water or fat of my choice because they seemed a bit wet. Otherwise it was the same exact thing... and they turned out DELICIOUS. Almost a smidge salty for me but I think my salt sensitivity is especially heightened at this time of the month. We shall see as the time goes on.

 Are you ready for some photos:

 WHAT? SHE COOKS?! I know you thought it was all a facade since Ben is the only one in the pictures... Here's your proof!
 I was being silly... and having a lot of fun.
 These are all the "one tbsp" "two tbsp" things that go in the balls. Looks like sand art right!? Gorgeous! (And it smelled divine)
 GRRR! Get those hands in there... massage that meat like a real grokette!
 The Balls... We made a double batch as you can probably tell from this picture... LOTS of meat left--shd last us the weekend (we got the fixins for Swedish Balls as well)
 We did not make the sauce. Because seriously people-LOOK at all I made tonight... the sauce was store bought from Pomegranate Market and was 100% organic and free of any sugar or anything else I couldn't pronounce for that matter.
This is the green bean pot. It has a bunch of bacon grease in it. YUM

This is what the balls looked like when they were taken out of the oven... COME ON RIGHT? The woman knows what she's doing and I am not talking about me... Mims knows where it is at! <3 Thanks for the delicious recipe AGAIN!
 The final product! :D That is organic, grass fed, Parmesan cheese... and basil because my fiance's favorite thing on this planet is definitely basil, probably followed closely by mushrooms. 

So that was that... Thoughts? comments? questions? concerns?

My plan is to start CrossFitting again next week. I will do a new baseline and start fresh. :) I am really looking forward to it. 

Next week is super busy with work as well-but that is good. Money is good and work is great (I love what I do) and with the more money we have the more we can give to others. My annual donation to *Make a Wish* is almost through so I need a new place to be giving my money. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your readership. I hope you have a relaxing and beautiful Saturday. 



  1. I love that you loved this recipe so much. :D
    <3 0:) <3

  2. ME TOO! :) It was so totally delicious!