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Sunday, January 22, 2012

20/366 Short post because it is late and I am not that exciting!

So today was good. We slept in. Got up and lounged for a bit. Ben cooked some fries which were on that recipe TAWFUNGUY left on my last post. They turned out good-still not crispy... IDK if it is our oven or the fact that Sweet Potatoes just prefer being squishy than being crispy. You know what? I can relate!!! Of course we didn't have much amayozing mayo left (Yeah i did that-what?) so I made more of that as well! :) YUM! We heated up the burgers and chowed down on a fat and protein rich diet with a few carbs.

Speaking of carbs, the carbs were SUPER useful too because we cleaned house today... We didn't get as far as I would have liked but we did get quite a bit done... which is good. The kitchen and Bathroom are SPOTLESS!!! (Because I am my mother's daughter) and the living room is comfortably lived in which is how I like it. :)

We then went to Ben's parent's house where we do our Laundry bi-weekly... I know we are lucky... and don't worry we are grateful too! :)

His pops fixed dinner... it was brats and broccoli and cauliflower with pickles... SUPER YUM... I had mustard with my brats... I didn't read the packaging on the brats-when it is free food I try to ask as few questions as possible because I feel like I am putting people out... (Like when I ask people to not smoke around me when we are in their own house, car etc. ... )

So here is a pic:

As you can see by the MUSTARD ART on the plate... I had a second helping of brats. :) 

That was mostly my day. I hope yours was beautiful. We got another 1.5 inches here in SuFu... It is gorgeous! Really warm for January still, even with the snow. Grateful to have some moisture. 

My mom takes her big test in a week and my Bro can use some help too... so if you don't mind could you do a week of prayers/good thinking/whatever makes you comfortable and sleep at night--for my family? We can all use a little boost of positivity once in a while-I think they have earned theirs. 


Happy beautiful week to you all!


  1. Prayers going up. HUGS & <3 cuz you are exciting!
    Make a snowman damnit, and mail him to me. lol

  2. LOL! It is PERFECT snowMan snow... maybe we shd... At least a little one! :) I am exciting!? awww thanks!