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Monday, January 23, 2012

21/366 21DSD/3 week results!!!

So it has been 3 weeks. They are a bit of LONG and a bit of SHORT! Going day by day helps me stay in the present and be grateful for every moment of my day... however it does seem to make time go by slowly. Which is probably a good thing, too, now that I think about it. I guess it is already almost the end of January. This month has been very good to me and I feel that is just a good sign of the year to come! :)

Today's Food (since it was fairly boring) was ... a bowl of soup (it is potluck week at work and someone brought in ham, veggie and cheese soup) of course I was half way through my bowl when the lady was like "do you like it" and I was like "Oh yeah it is good... how did you get it so creamy!?" and she said... "Well i mix a bit of flour in with the butter, milk, and cheese" and I was like "DAMNIT!" (In my brain at least) I ate MAYBE a cup (like measuring cup) worth of it... so I am sure at most I got like a half a tsp of flour in total-nothing that will kill me.

I brought to work an already made Primal Fuel shake... THIS TIME we used ALMOND MILK... HOLY SHIT!!! It tasted SO GOOD! So smooth and creamy and perfectly perfect! It was like a chocolate milkshake! I am not even kidding... all I would have to do is add some ice and blend that up... It would be PERFECT on a cold summer's day... WOOT!!!! (or frozen fruit)

I also had 3 slices of bacon and some cheese (Today was a work all day kind of day-so I kinda grabbed what I could for fuel...)

Sleep--You all know how I have been sleeping lately... Like a rock for 8-10 hours every night... Well last night my head hit the pillow and I could not sleep a WINK!!! I literally stayed awake until 5am ... it was very frustrating. I don't mind if I don't need 8-10 hrs/night... I would prefer it was on my terms though! SHEESH!... I tried several things... it took a lot to get me out. I was very surprised when I woke up at 930 and felt rested. It is nearly 8pm as I am writing this and this is the first sign of sleepiness I have had all day. Not bad at all.

So now for results? Are you ready?...

Week one: -5lbs
Week two: -3lbs
Week three: -3lbs.

TOTAL: -11 LBS!!!!

                                        Day 1               Day 21
Neck                                14                         14
Bicep                                15.5                    14.5
Forearm                            10.5                    10.5
Chest (over)                     46.5                    46
Chest (under)                    40                      39.5
Waist                                 40.5                  38
Hips                                  47                     46.5
Thigh                                25                      22

Total inches lost: 8inches!!!!

I mean what???? yeah buddy-this works!!! :)
Ben lost a total of 5.5 lbs but he has really slimmed up a lot too!

Next step-get started at CrossFit again... Next month will be to see how much change there is with eating healthy AND exercise... Cool huh?

I was going to post pics but I don't really see much of a difference-maybe next month k?!

Take care-have a wonderful Tuesday!!

See you tomorrow!


  1. WOOHOO!!! You hit it out of the park! WTG!!!
    I'm so excited to see how month 2 goes w/ the added exercise!!

    1. Thank you Mims! I am excited to see too! I am a bit nervous-to be honest... I am so far behind where I was before strength wise so I am very self conscious. Thank you for your <3 and support!