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Monday, January 9, 2012

7/366 Back pain and weigh ins and 90 days Abstinent.

Day 7 of this wonderful journey. You might say "Yeah but you have a long ways to go" and I would say "you, my friend, are right... but you haven't been listening to what I have to say.... 366 is not my goal. One day at a time is my goal."

I am grateful that I woke today with my Higher Power at my side helping me to stay abstinent through the trials and tribulations of everyday life-and I am going to bed one day richer and fuller with life.

So today was good. I am 90 days abstinent which is a HUGE achievement in my book... I am grateful so much for the people and the love that have helped me get here.

Weigh ins were GREAT! :) I have lost 5 lbs (yep in 6 days) and Ben is down 2.5 :) Rockin' and Rollin' (Not to mention I dropped that on shark week)

I have been in some pain today... my lower back has been very achy... either from the cramps or from the detox-or both-but I want it to be gone!

Tomorrow I return to XFIT! I will be doing a baseline and starting from scratch... i think that is the best way to go.


Eggs and bacon for brunch. Bacon and bacon and nuts for supper/snacks. (wasn't really hungry and we are out of groceries.

Wanna see a cute picture tho?

Its a spotted egg! Isn't it the cutest thing since ... piglets? which become bacon-MMM which is good with SPECKLED EGGS!

Now I am going to sort some thread and plan out the first 9 days of my X-Stitch adventure... I am looking forward to it. 

Hope you had a great day!
Take care, 

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