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Thursday, January 19, 2012

16/366 Primal Fuel and Tomato Soup... YUMMY DAY!

Hello! :) Welcome to my blog. Today is day 16/366... I am posting daily if you can't tell. Sometimes even twice daily (when the spirit moves me). I have to say that it is getting harder because it's so one-day-at-a-time. Some days are more boring than others-but posting keeps me honest. So as long as you don't mind suffering through my bland days... then I don't mind writing them.

Today's adventures called for taste testing our newest member of our daily lives Mark Sisson's Primal Fuel. I guess it means we officially have broken the 21 DSD since having this is against the rules... but it really is super good and really good for us. With the busy lives Ben and I lead it is really important to have some snap second meal-replacement options not to mention Post-WOD stuff (HAHA if I ever get back to WODing). I have to say Primal fuel is REALLY DELICIOUS. I understand that it is super expensive (80 bucks a jug) but it is SO HEALTHY and SO NUTRITIOUS. Ben and I both felt GREAT after having it. The entire reason we made them was because we both weren't hungry then all of the sudden minutes before I had to leave for work we were both grumbling in our tummies so we grabbed my CFSF shakers and dumped some in there... IT WAS SO GOOD! It also kept both of us satisfied for the next 2.5 hrs (from grumbly tummies to satisfied) until supper.

I do have to say I am not a fan of protein shakes with water. They taste like flavored water and I don't like being able to taste the water through it. We are going to try them with Almond Milk and Whole Organic Local Milk as well... I will keep you posted on that.

Speaking of supper. We had home made Tomato Soup! From the Make it Paleo cookbook (seriously if you don't have this... buy it... ). It also gave us the opportunity to use the gift we got from Mims! :) The immersion blender! WOO! that thing was crazy awesome... and the soup was DELICIOUS as always.

Our hopes for Eggplant Grilled Cheese was really kind of a failure. I don't know if our Mandolin just doesn't slice thick enough or whatever but when we baked the eggplant there were holes in it and it was not solid like we were hoping... SO we just threw the cheese and bacon on top-tossed it in the broiler-and VOILA still yummy. We put our... open faced sandwiches? on the bottom of the bowl and dumped YUMMY on top of it. The flavors were PERFECT. The cheese and bacon in the soup was delectable, not to mention, this soup has a bit of a bite to it so the sweetness of the eggplant counter-balances it so perfectly! REALLY an all star meal! :)


Primal Blueprint's Primal Fuel Dark Chocolate in a CrossFit Sioux Falls Blender Bottle (you would think I get paid for this)
 This is the Vanilla Creme... You should smell these things... yum.
 This is tomatoes and onions and chicken stock and stuffs
 Ben and I realized that fingers are the primal version of a kitchen brush!
 This is the topping for the eggplants ... it is cheddar cheese and bacon and lots and lots of seasonings!
Ben with the immersion blender we got from Mims...
1.75 minutes in the broiler... BAM!
Since they were flimsy we just put them in the bottom of the bowl.
Add basil... YUM! :) 
And that is that. Thank you for being a part of my Thursday!

<3 Manda


  1. So, "I meant to do that" - sounds delicious! So glad the immersion blender came in handy! :D

    1. HAHAHA! It is definitely the tool of the year so far! :) You posted before I even got the pictures up!