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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

23/366 OMG I AM SO SORE!!!!

This post will be short. Because I am tired and I have a chicken to marinade.

BUT I do want to at least post something...

Breakfast-primal fuel (we are out of real food-this is dangerous... grocery store here we come)

Lunch/dinner-Chicken *tortilla* soup... no tortillas... there were beans and corn tho-20%... It was free food and it was better than me eating the cinnamon rolls on the counter next to it (thanks R! ;) )

Speaking of R (not saying full name to respect her-I don't know how she would feel about being posted about) I totally introduced her to the Primal Blueprint... She loves it! Luckily she was already on the right track which made her completely susceptible to the information. SUPER awesome! Also she was a vegetarian for 5 years! She knows the negative impacts it had on her body which is just awesome to hear! Today she came in to work and i heard someone walking briskly toward my station... she stopped right in front of me and said "OH MY GOSH! Salmon skin really is the bacon of the sea! YUM!" And then she left cuz I got a call... I was cracking up and she sat next to me and just kept saying "YUMMY!" and I just kept giggling! :) I love my job!

SO... Every inch of my legs are sore... my lower abs are sore (Yep they are in that flabby tummy somewhere...) and my shoulders are... well a bit sore... I didn't make it to the pull ups REMEMBER?!

I don't know about tomorrow's workout. I took an Epsom Salty bath tonight and that should help-we'll see how I am feeling.

Do you use Fish Oil? I hear it helps with soreness, inflammation, and a lot of other things... if so whats the best bet?

Hope your Thursday ROCKS!


  1. Hope the bath helps. You have an ass-whooping to go to tomorrow! I use cod liver oil btw. Some whole foods brand. I can do some research for you tomorrow, if you want. Sleep well and WOD on!! lol

  2. I have put my WOD off for tomorrow (Friday) I really could hardly walk this morning and sleep was less than sufficient... Seriously sick of this... Can't wait until I start feeling better. Ah well! <3