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Monday, December 26, 2011

So... Long time no see.

I didn't even re-read my last blog post. I don't know where to start with this. I think this blog is here to make me fell held accountable. Accountability is REALLY what I need right now.

It is the New Year (well next week it is at least) and with that comes TONS of plans for the coming year. "I am going to .... this year" Resolutions that go unresolved ... and all that jazz. I am good at making resolutions... and not following through. As you have witnessed.

One thing that has changed is I recently joined a 12 step program (overeaters annonymous) which has helped me find that there is a lot of time in the day when you are not spending all of your time in your addicitons. So that's one step of my motivation. Another thing is Ben and I are engaged to be married on October 6th which is 285 days away. That is a REALLY good reason to want to make some changes.

A good friend of mine (MIMI) has been working a CLEAN PRIMAL eating for the last 26 days and it is doing some AWESOME things for her. It is really easy for me, lately, to make excuses about what I put in my body and justify them as "primal enough" ... there is no such thing as "primal enough" the best diet to have is MEAT, VEG and (good)FATS... that is ALL and there is no reason why I should make such a big deal, and so many excuses, about it.

So all of that compiled together... this is a change I want to make. For the betterment of my health, of my year, of my life, of my future, of my wedding, of my everything. I was strict once-I can do it again. Saying no is hard-but paying doctor bills is harder. Not to mention-I have said no EASILY to sweets for 76 days now... That is pretty remarkable for me. This is the beginning of something. I hope it is not just another awesomely motivated post that fizzles.

Thank you for your readership,