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Saturday, January 14, 2012

11/366... Pretty chill.

GOOOOOD Evening boys and girls! Although, technically it is tomorrow morning my time. Not much I can do about posting so late when the night at work goes so long.

This post might not be very long seeing as it is 1 am and I am chillaxin with my man :) Have I ever told you how frickin blessed I am to have such a wonderful person to share the rest of my life with? People-to be honest-multiple people who will be around for the rest (or most of) my life and I am so freakin grateful for that! THANK YOU UNIVERSE... I have been surrounded with love.

Our day was GREAT I got to sleep in and hang out. I got to talk to my bubby (brother) and my momma on the telephone and tell them all about the wonderful in my life and hear all about the wonderful in theirs.

Food was good. We had leftover taco salad for lunch and then when I got home I was SO HUNGRY so we had "huevos rancheros" ... HAHA Gringo style probably... I just fried some eggs up and threw cheese and salsa on top... so good!



 The Huevos! :)
this is what Taco Salad looks like when it is all mixed together!

And that is all for tonight. 

OH -- I am doing well with working on cross stitch designs, and I also have been doing well with nightly reflections. 

<3 Good night. 


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