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Thursday, January 5, 2012

3/366: Lemon Chicken, Happiness, and Allergic Reactions

1/122... it's technically the same thing...

Except not.

"Today was a day just like any other... "(Name that song and win a hug)

I had a LONG job this morning which was really enjoyable. For lunch I had the opportunity to eat out (I forgot to pack a lunch and I was a ways away from home) so I ran to the nearest HyVee and had meatloaf, green beans and  mixed veggies. To be honest I wish I would have just gotten a plate of the veggies those things were AWESOME. AGAIN I struggled with the desire to have a Starbucks as I walked right past one. This makes me believe that I may have been replacing my recently relieved addiction to ice cream to the ever expensive addiction to FANCY coffees. Idk what that means for coffee and me in the future-I choose not to think about that since my life is all about ONE DAY AT A TIME... But... We shall see eh?

NOW on to the foods?

For supper we had a delicious Lemon Chicken --Because the pic has zest on top I felt the need to get a SECOND LEMON to zest and then added the juice on the top... we did prep last night so all Ben had to do was add the juice and turn the pot on (Don't worry it was in the fridge all night... silly) It was also my turn to choose the vegetable and I said "I CHOOSE YOU ASPARAGUS!"

This is the Sage and Lemon zest... say HELLO!
  The asparagus before it went in the oven... MMMM Olive oil,salt and pepper, butter, garlic... YUM
 The lemon/garlic stuffed chicken BEFORE
 Look how sexy she is... She was being modest.
 Then the gaping hole got so agape that she lost her lemon!
 It literally rolled that far-The lemon then cooked down even more and turned into a deflated tennis ball LOL
 Asparagus is DONE! YUMMY!
The delicious meal we had... which then lead to:


I am going to assume since the only thing I had not had that I ate tonight was sage... that this reaction was the fault of the sage alone. I was almost convinced it was the chicken (the chicken is grass fed/free range and I am typically used to eating corn fed chicken) but we had the same chicken on Tuesday when we had the amazingness... SO that was eliminated... I am allergic to several plants and animals. I have had bad reactions before but never from food. Within 15 minutes of finishing my meal (i was at work) my nose was running, my eyes were itching, my throat was scratchy, I was wheezing and I couldn't make it through a call without sneezing or coughing... 

SO that is the end of sage in my diet for a while-When we make this chicken again (and we will it was AMAZING) it will be with rosemary instead. 

That is all for now. 

Thank you for reading and HAPPY and HEALTHY FRIDAY for you!



  1. I'm Ready to try that recipe. ;)
    Hope you don't have any problems with it next time! Looks yummy.

  2. It is yummy!!! :D You definitely should try it out... I hope not too :D