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Thursday, January 26, 2012

24/366 Do you mind?

I know I post daily-and I do enjoy doing so... but it is late and I am tired and don't feel like looking at  a screen... this is me offering to post tomorrow. SO... temporarily this is my post for tonight-Tomorrow I WILL edit to add more.


So my day was pretty good. I actually was kinda crabby and I think it is because I waited too long to eat (went to bed hungry and woke up hungry) etc. Also I just kind of felt blah but Ben pointed out that soreness can make one feel that way. I felt fat and lazy... but walking was so extraordinarily painful that I could hardly stand to do it. I am doing much better now thanks... I will return to CF next week for 2 WODS/Week until the end of Feb... then March will start 3WODs/week... Then April I might mix it up and do 2 WODS and 1 OLY ... we'll see... experimentation is fun! OH the reason I am waiting is because we have company starting today and a pretty busy weekend ahead of us-so I would rather be able to move than to have to stumble around. That is all.

Food for today(yesterday) was 2 eggs with left over (From Ben's dinner last night) bacon and sweet potatoes and mushrooms (I didn't want mushrooms so i traded all my mushrooms for a small piece of bacon with Ben... without his permission :) )  Lunner was chicken... it was marinaded again... this time kinda lime/teryaki style? IDK it was good tho. I made some red-pepper aoli to go with it and it tasted delicious! (Thanks Mims!)

And for dessert we had smoothie/shakes... I would go with shakes. A hand full of strawberries and a couple scoops of vanilla and chocolate fuel with some milk OMG SO GOOD!

 This is the chicken before it goes in the fridge to marinade over night... YUM!
 Before cooking....
 eggs and stuff
 After cooking...
 Chicken on the plate before I decided just to take it to work.
 This is my to go containers... ps the onions and red peppers and garlic tasted like CRAP after marinading and stuff... I suggest cooking new ones if you want veggies with it... Just really mushy and odd...
Shakes. MMM

So that was the day-Sorry it took so long for me to post. This weekend is nerd-weekend (also known as Magic The Gathering Dark Ascension Pre-Release Weekend) My posts will be short (shocker) but they will be good! :)

Have a great FRIDAY!!!!


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