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Friday, January 13, 2012

10/366 Double digits and taco salad... and DESSERT!

Hey there guys and gals! Welcome to Manda's FunHouse! :) We like to have LOTS of fun...

*Forgive me I have been working for 12 hrs again*

Thank god I love my job! I can't imagine doing this for something or some company I didn't love (actually I can-LIVED IT... glad to be done with that)

So another long day means another uneventful day with food right? WRONG

I got up early enough (barely) to cook 4... or was it 5?... eggs for breakfast...

THANK GOD TOO! That held me over for my 7 hr shift then I went home for dinner and Ben had already made our Taco Salads (remember, we had a plan for food this week... that's the 2nd on the list)

Pictures? OK!

 Taco Meat... yummy! (2 onions... 2 lbs of meat ... 2 packets of taco seasonings from POM *like trader joes* no additives)
The salad (Pre-mixing it up into a crazy pile of delicious... Pile of lettuce, pile of meat, queso, salsa, cheese, sour cream)

And then I decided to surprise Ben with some Chocolate *almond* coconut bites  ... I **'d the almonds because I used mostly sunflower seeds. Our "Trail Mix" was really good... if you ate the almonds and walnuts... the sunseeds were NOT the best... so then there we were with like 1/4 of a ziplock of sunflower seeds with like 4 almonds and 3 walnuts... So i turned that into butter adding maybe another handful of almonds...we also rolled them in more coconut ... cuz I mean really? who doesn't want more coconut!?

Here are the pitturs:

 The butter... it REALLY is so creamy!!! I can't wait to make it just with almonds!!!
The ingredients sans nutbutter... :) NUMS!
 This is what they looked like... they were kinda warm and soft cuz I made them with FRESH MADE nut butter so it was warm.
This is what they looked like done! :D aren't they just BEAUTIFUL?? We rolled them in coconut when they were still sticky... OH and they aren't really very sweet... I look forward to tasting them made with almonds only... and I think it needs some more coconut-I LOVE this WOL!!!

So that is about it. I get to sleep in tomorrow which will be FABULOUS and I think Ben and I are going to go out on a date either tomorrow or Sunday... I am probably gonna go with Sunday... not sure yet... To have a TOTALLY relaxing day where I never take my PJs off is really really inviting. However, I am a better person when I at least DO something-not to mention I don't really want to go on a date and then have to go to work afterward... We'll see-STAY POSTED! dundundun! (that is my best attempt at a cliff hanger!)

Have a great day and wonderful weekend!

**ETA** GIVE AWAY!!! For the 10th 21dsd post and the 30th blog post... A HUGE HUG for whoever posts the best comment!!***


  1. Fantastic my favorite little Panda!!!!

    Looking at your pics makes me warm and fuzzy inside and makes me want to file for divorce of my Dinner & Dessert!!!! :) I feel so dirty LOLOL

    1. LOL! You like my food porn? It works for ya eh?

  2. Commenting, now where's my hug? :P

    I have to admit, the food your making on here looks mighty tasty.

    1. I said the BEST comment Brian... :) Thanks for reading tho! Glad to know someone is! :)

    2. Ps... You shd try it! Go primal dude-everyone's doing it and we all feel so much better! :)

    3. I've got enough life changes going on right now. Perhaps when things settle down a bit again, I'll go for that.

  3. Ok, you've made me all excited to get in the kitchen! I've got ground beef & wild boar thawing. I was going to make balls, but now I'm thinking taco meat. MMMM!
    Those Chocolate Almond Coconut Bites sound divine!! I'm going to have to make those tonight, too!!
    You are such a good influence!!!

    1. You are amazing!!!! You inspire me as well... I am glad that my blog has this kind of appeal to people! :D

      Thank you!!! <3