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Saturday, January 21, 2012

19/366 A battle of will... Ben won.

So today was some day. Quite the day indeed.

Got up this morning and felt like every inch of my body weighed 30 lbs each... I couldn't hardly move I felt so heavy. Last night by the time we went to bed I was so exhausted... mostly from crying... that I conked out really fast again. I, once again, slept like a rock. I had a very vivid dream, again, as well-finally not about food... but about people and community... it was nice. Except in my dream I was late for work-Thank god that wasn't reality! YIKES!

So I was heavy and hardly human so I laid down on the couch and SLEPT SOME MORE! For pete's sake! You would think all I do is eat, sleep, and work... it's damnear close! But once I woke I felt much more rejuvenated. And I was craving burgers!!!

So I talked to Ben and asked if we could go get burgers somewhere... he said "I think that would be fine" but then we both got to discussing it and I know, and he knows, that part of this detox is detoxifying our eating out. Also I checked the bank to see if we were doing OK financially... we are *OK* but not great by any means... a pretty good reason NOT to go out for lunch. So we sat there and debated. I know that if I went out I would want BBQ sauce and that is DEFINITELY not primal... loaded with sugar... It would be hard.

So we each had a Primal Fuel shake and sat around and debated it ... for like an hour! I went from meatballs to meatloaf to burgers and back again. My primary concern was that 1. I didn't want to have to go shopping, 2. I didn't want to cook or do dishes, and 3. I wanted to be a spoiled brat. Basically that was the gist of it.

Even when we were at the store buying ingredients for things (Ben grabbed the Make It Paleo cookbook and found a BBQ sauce and I knew what the Mayo from Everyday Paleo needed) I was still not feeling well. I think part of it is the tail end of the "flare up" that I had last week. It really takes a lot out of me and limits me physically which made it really hard. Also I was just kind of in a beat-myself-up mood all day.

However, once we got done and got home and started cooking-all my worries were washed away... :) I am currently going to marry the most magnificent man on this entire planet. I know you might want to argue that your husband is better-and you might be right... he might be the perfect one for you. This one-this one was DEFINITELY made for me. He gets me every time! :)

So let's move on to some photographs shall we?

 These are sweet potato fries... Ben julienned them!
 My MAYO!!! It turned out PERFECTLY!!! Thank you Mims! (I used the Everyday Paleo Mayo Recipe)
 This is the done fries-Do you have any recipes or ideas for us on how to make them better?... they didn't turn out SPLENDIDLY... just kinda OK.
 This is the BBQ sauce from the Make It Paleo cookbook!
 The onions on the skillet after the burgers got done!
 The burgers... YUM! The satisfied my red meat craving and had bacon and cheese too!

The feast before the sauces...
 This is the post-saucyiness! (how do you even spell that?!) SO GOOD!

This was my day... it was great. 

I love you all! Thank you for reading. Have a warm and wonderful Sunday!

**PS** I don't know how the word "laid" got highlighted in white... it was not a subliminal message or anything!


  1. Looks so delicious!
    For the sweet tater fries, I don't get crispy, either. I cut them by hand - so we get meaty steak-fries. Slather them in coconut oil and sea salt. Bake in a single layer directly in a baking sheet, spatula-ing/flipping them a few times. Until soft and some edges get darker (those bits taste like burnt marshmallow to me). That is it. We lurv them!

  2. Looks fantastic chica! Way to go!

    Here is a recipe for sweet potato fries.... Hope this helps!

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks! :) Thank you also for commenting on my blog... I love comments-they make me feel good-like mail!