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Monday, January 2, 2012

366 Days of Primal?... One day at a time.

I hope you all had a lovely and magical new years. Ours was pretty nice-we spent it with Ben's friends in Ames Iowa and played LOTS AND LOTS of games! What's that you said? Games in Ames? YUP shonuff.

As I said in my last post this year is a lot about being better overall. *I may be being redundant since I didn't review my last post AGAIN**

I do not really support "New Years Resolutions" very often... because they seem like a set up. If you have read my blog, however, you see I do a GREAT job for setting myself up already ;)

Here is the thing though--I am wanting to have the BEST YEAR EVER... I know it will be already based on certain circumstances and the fact that I am happier now than I have ever been... HOWEVER I really would like to challenge myself to make it even better... Here's how:

1. Grandma. My family and I are dividing up the year and writing a short letter to my grandma weekly... I will be first, then Brett then Mom... every 3 weeks continually throughout the year. She is really getting older of course (as we all are) and her health has not been the best. We all kind of have a feeling this will be her last full year with us and so we want to make it THE BEST ever... of course-sometimes crap like this makes people get healthier--which means we win by getting to keep her around a bit longer! :D OH Also I MUST call them Bi-Weekly... its in my calendar and on my phone as an alarm... I HAVE to get better at that... I would kick myself if I felt I slacked in the department of loving my grandparents enough.

2. Girlfriends. I have lost (geographically) a lot of them this year... most of the women I consider my friends live (at the closest) 3 hours away... at the furthest... 1400 miles... I do have some girl friends who live here in town and those are relationships that aren't SUPER strong and I would like to work on. SO Every week I will spend time with a gal pal. Either on the phone, on skype, or in person... I will make sure to spend a good time with all of my friends... keeping my friendships alive.

3. Meditation. I would like to spend more time getting to know myself spiritually. The last few years have been an intense spiritual journey for me and I would love to continue on that path by working on practicing meditation.

4. Writing. Not just the average jot it down writing... I want to get my creative juices flowing. Poetry, stories, books, blogs whatever comes to me I will write.

5. Steps. I will finish my 12 steps this year. I am on step 4 (take a fearless moral inventory ...) toughy... but the next 3 steps are like a bullwhip... you just crack it. One day at a time.

6. Creativity. I mentioned the writing thing already-and I would like to keep my creative juices flowing as much as possible. I am planning on making a weekly or bi-weekly video on youtube in sign language... I am really excited about this project. I know my interpretations won't be 100% but the point is to be creative... and that is what I will do. Also, working on cross stitches more... I love doing them... and I am pretty damned good at it. I have 3 gift-stitches lined up and I have a couple I am making for myself... Suggestions for ANY of my creative goals are always welcome. (Music videos, Cross stitches... etc)

7. Last but not least HEALTH. Of course-OA is a part of my health... I am also focusing (we are focusing) on eating a LOT healthier this year. Ben and I both recognized that we have let ourselves get a bit out of control since getting together... letting our selves go as it were. We both have made a goal to have a nearly 100% primal year. To me the hardest thing to imagine is not eating ice cream and I have not eaten ice cream for almost 80 days.... We will take it a day at a time but our plan is to be as clean as possible and make all food at home instead of spending, and eating, out. Lastly (healthy wise) I totally dropped the ball with CrossFit. Looking back at old posts and pictures of myself when I was CFing ... I WAS FREAKING HAPPY! I loved how I looked and felt... I loved how strong I got. I WANT THAT again.

To be fair... I have bitten off a lot... HOWEVER in finding abstinence (the OA equivalent of Sobriety) I have found a plethora of time and energy to do other things. With that time and energy I will make my life, and the world, a better place to be.

I love you all. Thank you for supporting me. HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope it is the BEST YEAR EVER!!!


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  1. You are going to have such an amazing year, Angel!!!!!