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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This is day one... of many. One day at a time is a 12-step program concept (and pretty much everyone else) but... It is really huge that when biting off something as HUGE as sobriety or abstinence... one day at a time leads to 20 years of sobriety... and THAT is worth it!

So today was great! We did our weigh in... I am at 238. Kinda a painful truth considering I was at 200 a year and a half ago, but there are not supposed to be regrets! SO... moving on here we go with day one.

We went grocery shopping at Pomegranate... OMG IT WAS AWESOME... My goal was for us to not spend more than 89 dollars (it was random) and we spent 87... EVERYTHING we got was local, organic, and grass fed. The people there  are so NICE and they were all so knowledgeable about the stuff and the people who raised it all and stuff. Its the first time Ben and I ever cared about what we bought... we typically just shrug it off and say "well meat is meat, produce is produce..." But this time we got all grass fed, local, free range stuffs... including eggs.


3 dozen eggs, a lemon, a full chicken, chicken breasts, broccoli (which the guy went to the back just to get for us because it just got in today), a lb of ground turkey which is apparently really good, a lb of ground sausage, 2 lbs of BACON, a bag of frozen spinach, walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds ... and that might be it... :)

So then part of that food went into our supper... (our lunch was eggs because we didn't have much time)

My very good friend Mimi wrote an AMAZING recipe for a chicken and broccoli meal... IT WAS SO GOOD!!!


The steamed broccoli
Ben adding the chicken
Adding the broccoli to the spinach

the meats in the pan
Adding the coconut milk
Dumping the meat over the veg!

Before baking
After baking!

 AND paleo trailmix! ;)

I might be known for posting too many pictures...

BEN and I are both incredibly impressed with this delicious meal and look forward to more delicious meal ideas from the Beautiful author of this one! :)

(her request for all this pimping is that I post my recipe for marinades... and then create an e-book)

Thank you SOOO MUCH for being a reader and for supporting me on my journey!

Manda :D

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