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Sunday, January 8, 2012

6/366 A DAY OFF!!! Getting stuff done, left over balls, and a marinade recipe

Today was a beautiful day. Ben and I opened the windows and sliding glass door while we got some house work done because that was the kind of day it was. We got up rather late (It was nice to sleep in) due to staying up so late last night. But we are sleeping when tired and eating when hungry and we are doing GREAT!

We did some chores which is awesome because we are really hoping to declutter before our trips this summer (you don't know about these yet...) so that we don't have stuff we don't need in storage and we don't have to haul it around with us across the country. We also really want to start merging our stuff even more so that when we do start a solid home after we are married we can be happy with what we have and not be hauling crap we don't need.

I also have been considering changes in my relationships with people. Getting away from my unhealthy marriage was not hard at all... (once it was done at least) because as soon as the light bulbs were on and I knew I was not being treated nicely I gave up on the idea being a part of that kind of life. I was grateful for having my future back and my life back to myself. Now when it comes to friends for some reason I find it harder. Probably because I have always been so understanding and accepting of people for who they are whether or not I agree with who they are or what they are doing.

I have had to cut ties with friends in the past, I am not great at it. A lot of times it makes me feel very selfish. But my dreams lately have been pointing in a specific direction ... and then today- events that happened today - lead me to decide that cutting ties is not a selfish thing. Sometimes it is a healthy thing. Sometimes unhealthy relationships being severed at the right time in my life (especially a time like this of healing and growth) is exactly what needs to happen.

That being said lets get onto the food shall we?

FOODS! (no pictures <3 sorry...)

Today for lunch we had the last 20 balls of amazing with what was left of the sauce and green beans. I have to say THE BALLS ARE NOT SALTY! (do not fear the saltiness of the balls) ... I think the reason they tasted salty to me on the first night is because I was dehydrated, and about to start my *shark week* ... which is what the headache was for... I tend to get more sensitive to salts as a warning to not getting enough hydration.

For dinner we went to Ben's Parent's house and had a delicious BEEF ROAST with carrots and cauliflower.... there was gravy (made with corn starch) and potatoes right there on the table and Ben and I did not touch either of them. We were both pretty proud of ourselves. I think his mom was beside herself when she found out the 8 potatoes she cooked would not all be eaten <3 (Sorry Pat we love you!) but we have to do what is best for us and we have decided that is a sugar detox-which white potatoes will NOT help with.

I guess since I am not posting any pictures I will do the RECIPE for one of my marinades... **for Mims*

This is my Red Pepper Lemon Marinade (great for chicken)

(for 4 breasts)

Juice of one Lemon.
 Zest of Lemon
Jar of red peppers or half a red bell pepper diced (Depending on your tastes)
Salt and pepper
Enough Olive oil/fat to triple the amount of liquid. (probably about 4 TBSP?... just guessing it has been a while)
pinch of stevia (or honey) to balance the tartness of the lemons
1 tbsp Minced Garlic
Finely chopped onion (about half an onion)

SO that is the day ... as it were. I have a few other things I want to work on now... I really wanted to make a "year in cross stitch" and I haven't even started it... I think I should still do it. Tomorrow I will buy the Aida and I will do 2 days or more until I am caught up ... I want to have something to remember this freaking amazing year by.

Thanks for your support.



  1. The marinade was a HUGE hit! Smelled, looked, and tasted fabulous!!! Can't wait to make it again!!

  2. Thanks Mims! I am glad you guys liked it so much... I am looking forward to our *Special project* :D

    Batty! AWWW <3 back atcha lovely! I hope you're doin well!