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Friday, January 20, 2012

18?/366 WOOPS!.. and chill... like BURR chill.

Hello there young people of the world. :)

I am pretty sure today was boring to most standards... so keep that in mind.

Something cool that DID happen this morning was that we woke up to a half a foot of snow right outside our back door! :) It is crazy! LOTS of snow! I guess it had to come eventually... 60 degree weather in January in South Dakota is just a crazy once in a life time thing...

Last night when we went to bed I was REALLY exhausted so I conked right out and slept like a rock until I woke up. Somehow in my dreams I keep forgetting that I have quit sugar... People will be eating candy right next to me and I will ask for some and right when it almost hits my tongue I stop and think "WAIT A MINUTE" Then I throw it... it is odd maybe my subconscious is telling me I am doing a good job and to keep up the good work!? We'll say it's that...

Another odd thing-My belly button is red and irritated and kinda doesn't smell nice. This has happened in the past too when I haven't been eating well... but this time I have been eating great!? Chalk it up to Detox health crisis? ... let's.

The OOPS and the 18? are one in the same (I am talking blog title here people, keep up!). I was reviewing the last couple weeks' posts and realized... I doubled a number!!! EEK! 2 days were labelled 9/366... So technically it is 18/366 (fascinating how i did two 9s ... 9 and 9 is 18 ... or 9x2 is 18 ... same diff... COOL HUH!? and it is 9 days later! WOW) ;)

Anywho... FOOD?

Eggs and Bacon for breakfast... I am the eggspert (GET IT? GET IT? ... expert... now do you get it?!) LOL I am funny! So I am the eggspert in our family for cooking eggs... I can make any egg any way you want it (sunny side up is kinda tough... but every OTHER way.. ;) ) So I throw em in the pan and Ben is weird and likes all sorts of crap on his so I just say "Come season em honey!" and this is what he does:

Bens Eggs with: Basil, Oregano, thyme, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder... WOW

Yeahhh... I know right? Silly man!

So the rest of the day was hanging out-we watched 12 monkeys (Ben hadn't seen it) and then I went to work. I brought the leftover tomato soup to work and that was about it...

OHOHOH my project... Wanna see some pics?

 That is the whole enchilada so far.
Pat's Winter block.

So I decided to back-stitch around the borders of each "block" so that it pops out more... What do you think? The Snow Flake is to represent WINTER time for the 4 seasons requested by my future mother in law Pat Wermers :)

Trust me-the rest will come ;)

I am keeping a book a journal (Since I have a million of them) for all of the requested patterns and ones I have designed myself... I am putting the request date and completion date as well :D

Thank you please keep the requests coming!

OMG I thought of something else to write about (shocking I know!) ... I am having a "wow i look good" day... Even though I cried for an hour (totally unimportant) I still look good. my neck and face look better on screen and so do my arms... I feel like I am starting to see a difference which is always nice.

Once this 21 days is up Ben and I are going to start making adjustments as needed to our diet. We might do 21 days PERFECTLY CLEAN and then the rest of the month have some pancakes with whole organic maple syrup... or bake a goodie (all primal) or two... but we have yet to decide what we will do on that front. What are your thoughts?

Take care!

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