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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

8/366 A steaming grok pot of sarcasm soup!!!!

I promised Ben I would name this blog post that. We had a really fun conversation (all of our conversations are fun--except for most of our telephone conversations cuz let's face it the guy HATES phones!) in the car this afternoon where we were both being sarcastic and he said "A steaming hot bowl of sarcasm soup!" and I said... "I am totally naming my blog post that..."

Then we kept building on it and the title above is the agreed on title... Since our soup tonight was cooked in a GROK POT! :D NOMNOMNOM!

So today was a good day. It was beautiful and sunshiny outside. I was supposed to have my CF baseline but the person I was supposed to do it with had to cancel (understandably) because her poor little boy has the flu! But other than that it is a good day. My back stopped hurting, I worked this morning and the ladies there said I looked "less tired" LOL than I did last time (which was day like 2 or 3 of this detox).

During my ULTRA LONG AMAZING BREAK this afternoon Ben and I went grocery shopping. We brought home LOADS of stuff for the rest of the weeks recipes. (We have been trying to plan ahead... we usually each pick one and then come up with one together-between 3 big recipes and eggs and bacon we are HAPPY CAVEMEN!) Today's loot was: 4 lbs ground beef (Grass fed only), 2 chicken breasts (which we got at POM but found equally good ones at HyVee for HALF the price... so that will be where we go next time for them), some bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, lettuce, jalapenos (Canned because they are easier and keep longer), 3 dozen eggs (local farm), 3 lbs of bacon, cheese, sour cream, taco seasoning stuffs, salsa (all natural made here in SF), lemons and COCONUT AMINOES!

SO this week is going to GROCK! We had CHILI tonight  and taco salad sometime in the future as well as STIR FRY (Which I will be using a homemade marinade for). Basically it is going to be a wild ride and you better be in for it! :D

So I started writing this post like 4 hrs ago and my mom called and other things happened and now I am tired so let's cut to pictures and I will fill you in on other things ok?

 Lunch for me today was left over veggies from the other night with the last 3 eggs on top
 This is a pic of Ben browning the hamburger. The recipe doesn't call for it to be browned but we were making it only like 2 hrs or 3 hrs before we were going to eat it... better safe than sorry yeah?
 The veggies... the carrots are on the bottom of the bowl and the peppers are on the top. The recipe (again) called for frozen peppers but COME ON this is South Dakota... we don't sell frozen peppers here silly!
 A REALLY good use for the chicken we had the other night... (this chili was not just a chili... it was a gettin rid of everything we have left over... chili)
 This is all the meat and veggies mixed together in the crock pot.
 We added the crushed tomatoes, and the tomato puree (Our store only had small cans so we got one can of that and one can of tomato paste and then used the LEFT OVER Beef Broth from the other night to loosen it up a bit... )
 Chili!!!! IN A BOWL!!! it was SOOO GOOD
With cheese on top! 

This chili was divine... we both loved every bite we had and didn't miss a single bean! It was really quite good. I think this would be a staple in our future lives... 

Thanks for reading-sorry to cut it *short* 


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