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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9/366 pretty boring day... mostly

So... Today was pretty boring. Which means this is going to be a short-and fairly boring post.

Worked this morning, had left over chili for lunch, went over to a good friend's house for a *substitute* OA meeting since I wasn't able to go to the one this week, came home for a brief time and napped through Breaking Bad (Don't worry I have the first season of that show practically memorized), and went to work.

Todays food was chili, and chili... sooo PRETTY BORING!

The one fairly exciting thing was that my friend gave me a Kombacha mushroom... I am scared of it-I won't lie. We are thinking *hesitantly* of brewing home-made Kombacha tea... I know the probiotics alone are worth it but... DUDE YOU SHOULD SEE THIS THING... you wanna? K...


Ugly as hell right?... yikes!

We'll see... (Thanks Mac!) 

So that's my day. In a nutshell... not much else to say but GOODNIGHT!

Have a beautiful and blessed January 12th


1 comment:

  1. I've heard great things about the 'buche. Go for it!