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Monday, January 16, 2012

13/366 A good day... for me and for you? *WEIGH IN DAY*

Hello there readers. Today was a beautiful day for me. How was it for you?

I am going to be brief because I wanna get to my pet-project and I am sick of looking at a computer screen.

First off-my headlight is out on my car-so I am fixing that tomorrow. After that I AM GOING to CrossFit for real this time so stay posted for the results of that. :) I am really excited to get going to with crossfit again! (fascinatingly enough my "First day at crossfit" post is still the number one read post on my entire blog...)

Ben and I got up this morning and did our weigh ins. He is down another 2.5 (putting him at 5 lbs in 13 days) and I am down another 3 (putting me at 8 total lost since 13 days ago) Pretty awesome right?

I worked for a good 5 or so hours today which was good. Ben and I prepped for supper before I left for work and then I worked. I was starving by the time 5 rolled around so I swung by the house where my sugar had eggs ready for me to eat (I hadn't eaten yet all day-woke up NOT hungry AT ALL!)

Then I got home and we had stir fry (last meal on last week's menu, first one on this weeks). Here are the photos:

 This is chicken and onions in one of my "Special Marinades" which you may get lucky enough to see the recipe for at some time.
 The veg! (All cut ahead of time)... Red, yellow and Green Bells, broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms
 This WOK is bigger than your head... I almost guarantee it
This is the finished product. :) YUM It was so good!!!

So that is our food subject for the night. I hope you enjoyed it. Everything tasted absolutely divine. :) 

Now for something near and dear to my heart... cross stitch. Last year I got the idea to do a "Cross-stitch per day" Kinda making a cross stitch quilt. I then realized that idea did not work well for me. I got a piece of Aida (Cross stitching material) and I have a box FULL of string. (both pictured below) I have designed a few different "blocks" for my quilt but I need your help. If you want to be a part of this I would love for an idea of something to represent you in my quilt. I will be posting pictures regularly as I update. If you have more than one idea that is great too! Anything from just a 5x5 square of your favorite color. Your favorite animal or a flower. You want a flag... I can do that too. Just tell me something that represents you that I can add to this large and beautiful work of art. 

Thank you. 

 Box of colors in rainbow order... ANY color you can imagine I have or can get...
I have really big feet... so you can imagine how big it is... I think its 3x4 feet. One day it will don my walls! :) 

**ETA (Edited to add)**

 The first "block" of my quilt. A gradient rainbow. This is the red-green part.
 This is the teal-black part.
 This is what it looks like as a whole. It is 11 inches.  (Sorry the pic quality is crap-you will get sick of seeing this thing so it won't matter much ;) )

Thank you for your readership. Hope you are well. Take care.


  1. YUM!
    I have a lot of ideas floating around for the quilt. I'll have to see what I can do to get them to you!

  2. WONDERFUL! :) I would love to hear them whenever you get them ready to present ;)