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Sunday, February 5, 2012

34/366, month in review... and... stuff

Sorry I didn't post this last night... I got home at about midnight from a very long day. We had a workshop from 730-430 and then my best friend Lisa (who was in town for the workshop), our friend Steph and their friend Erin and I all went to get coffee and then we went to dinner together at Chevy's.

It was an excellent day.

The workshop was unbelievable. My former professor from college did it and it was awesome! Another person from our board and I interpreted the whole thing which, with as much as I enjoy going to workshops, I LOVED. I really prefer to interpret than to sit and watch most of the time... besides it kept me awake :)

Our Board always provides the breakfast and mid-day snacks for the attendees of workshops... Breakfast was Muffins, mid day snacks was cookies... YEAH... I didn't partake. I brought my own brownies from home to munch on and BOY did they help.

I had a PF shake (almond milk) for breakfast, a Jimmy Johns Unwitch for lunch and a brownie for mid day snack. I did have a coffee with cream and a BIT of sugar at coffee, and Lisa and I shared nachos for dinner and then later each got a drink (mine was Baliey's and coffee--since we all know that can't get you drunk RIGHT MOM?!). It was one of my top 10 nights of my life-might have been top 5. I don't think I can share on here how wonderful it is so I am not going to try. But I just really... I really really needed it.

Now for the month in review. Ben and I talked about doing this because I was flipping through photos of last months food-creations and thought "Shit that was so good, I totally forgot about that" So I thought how cool for us each to say our favorite and least favorite meals?

We'll start with worsts:

Ben's was the almond balls (sunflower balls): "They just didn't have a whole lot of flavor and they got stuck to my mouth"

Manda's was the turkey burgers: "They were over salty and we didn't have any sauce to dip them in! Not to mention the bacon was AWFUL!"

Now for the Bests:

Ben's Best--The meatballs with our sauce: "The sauce was very flavorful and had a lot of my favorite things in it like onions and mushrooms and stuff. And the meatballs in general are just really good."

Manda's best--The meatballs with our sauce: "Even when I look at the pictures from the month I remember vividly how delicious this meal was. I can remember every single bite tasting just as good as the last one. The sauce was so flavorful and tasted good on just the veggies, but then adding the meatballs to the mix was like adding bacon to a party. It was just the right thing to do. Everything about this meal was the right thing. If there is a meal you are wanting to try-THIS SHOULD BE THE ONE!" (I can post the recipe for the sauce again... if anyone is interested...)

I think (especially since Ben and I chose the same favorite) that there should be a couple runners up...

So the top two after the Meatballs with brown sauce (in no particular order) were:

Thank you so much for reading. Please stay tuned for the very first edition of  'Manda's Musings (Shout out to Deanna for helping with the creation of this most perfect title!)

Love you all



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