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Friday, February 3, 2012

32/366... Gyros, Brownies, and VOTE!

Soooooo I would comment on how boring today was but it was not boring at all so I wont make that comment... :)

I hope you all had a beautiful groundhogs day! It was in the 50s here in South Dakota and I am stoked on that note... THANK GOD FOR GOOD WEATHER! woo!

So I had a long day at work today-didn't get GREAT sleep last night but I still was doing ok at work. I have to say that this being paleo/primal thing REALLY does a number on my energy level and by that I mean IT INCREASES IT DRASTICALLY!!! :) Even though I am sore... Like scary sore... I still feel GREAT... heck my period started early and I still feel great... can't complain! :D

Tomorrow is going to be Day 2 of CrossFit. Much like Abstinence (or sobriety if that is easier for you to relate to) I think CrossFit holds a lot of the same values of a 12 step program... (contents of this paragraph removed for future use) Stay tuned for a really kick ass post about that... :)

What else? today was just a good day. Overall. I just had a really good day.

Wanna hear about food? OKAY!

Breakfast-Primal Fuel (i was hungry with no time) chocolate made with almond milk
Lunch/Dinner-Gyros... what? yeah... from THIS WEBSITE! (thanks Mims for the linkage)
Dessert?- (Yeah... we had all the ingredients I couldn't resist!!!) Paleo Brownies!!!(Mims thanks for that link too)

Wanna see pics of the foodage?... I know you do :) (you all use me for my foodporn... I know... 'sok ... I can handle it)

Lemon juice and seasonings for the meat for the Gyros... it was VERY spicy! BUT SO GOOD!
This is the meat-getting spiced... Ben is such a good photographer... <3
the meat-getting yummy... it was a bit lemony for my taste but being primal I am very apt at picking out flavors and this time Lemon stuck out...
Omg is that a pile of caramelized meat? YES PLEASE!
We keep it simple... We like more meat than toppings. ANOTHER SAUCE I LOVE! YUM! I think I will make a million different mayos... until you either kill me or make me stop... 
This is my plate... I only ate 2 pieces of the meat... my eyes were bigger than my tum (the fact that I know how to stop is an awesome sign of my recovery!) SO GOOD tho! (its in the fridge for leftovers)
This is the first time we used our coconut cream... SO GOOD!
 Ben was being Mr. Photographer! :D
I used our immersion blender whisk tool for the mixing-(we don't have a mixer... and apparently we don't need one!) Thanks Mims! (again)
One thing I must say to those making this... don't use frozen blueberries (or at least defrost them first) ... frozen turns the coconut creme back into a solid... which in turn makes the nice soft batter a pain in the BUTT to pour into this pan... (I used my fingers and mashed it... they were clean SHEESH!)
Drizzle some coconut cream concentrate over the top and VOILA!!! I can't believe how good these turned out! So pretty! And easy! and pretty damned healthy... great fat levels... cocoa... yum!
my piece... I didn't share. :) 

Thank you all for reading... 

NOW PLEASE VOTE!!! Which would you like to see Sunday? 

1. Letter to my Future self (in the lead 2-0) 
2. My Why statement. 

Have a bright and beautiful Friday! <3 So much love to all of you!


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