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Monday, February 13, 2012

43/366 Um... HI?! Catching up, Valentine's Day, and A NEW CHALLENGE!

Hey Y'all folks!

Sorry it has been a while. The last few days of last week were just HORRIBLE. I worked 12 hour days both Thursday and Friday and could hardly stand to sit down and type ... So I didn't (time away from computers is healthy!)

Let's play some ketchup shall we? (Primal ketchup of course)

So... Um... Stuff and stuff happened.

I have pictures :D

Ben and I went on a Valentine's day date on the 11th because as everyone with a brain knows Valentine's Day is February 11th... I don't know what happened to make people think it was any different than that... sheesh!

We went to three movies: One for the Money (Based on a great series of books if you want a good laugh and not a lot of work to read--Super cute movie Ben loved it!), The Grey (with Liam Neson ... SO GOOD... really interesting perspective on death) and The Adventures of Tin Tin (which was also super cute and very well done--Ben apparently really loved TinTin when he was a boy... I knew not of it).

At the movies we treated ourselves to popcorn-which we both learned we are not as big of fans of as we used to be... It really is a dud of a food that popcorn crap. Doesn't do anything good for ya! We went to dinner at a restaurant I had been DREAMING about since the last time I went... it's called The Wilde Sage Grille... it was REALLY delicious last time I went with my mom and super fancy kinda. Well... It SUCKED. They had a "Special Valentine's Day Menu" which basically meant that everything was overpriced and under-served. EVERYTHING (this is not an exaggeration-you can ask Ben if you don't believe me) was served with potatoes, rice or pasta. EVERY SINGLE FREAKING THING. OH and it started at 11 bucks for a burger (with potatoes) to you know... 40 bucks for a steak. There MAY have been 18 items on the menu in total and none of them seemed very primal. SO (especially because potatoes are not a good food for us--OA--Trigger foods) We ordered a sandwich without the bun without the potatoes.

"can we sub those potatoes out for something else"

"Well it will be 3 dollars"

"Really? for anything... 3 dollars... even tho we are not eating the potatoes or the bread?"

"Yes Ma'am 3 dollars"

"Fine I will have a Caesar salad "

"OH that will be 4 dollars"

"OHHH so the Caesar salad is 4 dollars then? neat! OK then Regular (overpriced) salad for me please)"

It was 12 leaves of mixed lettuce with 2 rounds of red onion 2 slivers of carrot and 2 slices of radishes... I don't really complain often... but... REALLY!? ...

So that was dinner.

Otherwise things have been really super good. Very busy. The other day we had a "Play date" with another couple. A friend of mine from work and I discovered we both play the same games. We (and our significant others) are all homebodies and so for us to take the chance to get to know new people is a pretty big deal. SO we made a date (a month in advance) ... through the weeks we started talking about what time we should go over etc. Then I said "Should we maybe have lunch together?" And my friend was like "Totally!" and I said "Oh cool! Well Ben and I are kind of picky eaters so..." "Oh yeah we are kinda picky too..." "Oh cool! We're primal." "Um?" "Basically we eat plants and animals only... essentially" "Oh good cuz we basically only eat plants only" "Ahhhh..."

That's right pals, my new friends are vegetarians! :) It was a good challenge. Ben and I brought over Tomato Soup (made with veg stock instead of chick stock) and they had a tray of veggies with dip there... It worked MARVELOUSLY! They seemed just about as excited to have us there as we did. Her husband=huge gamer which is great for Ben and we all got along really really well! Prolly another date in the future I am guessing... which is a good reason to try and find a way to make a coconut flour pizza crust... ( I am certain I can do it!)

Pictures then the new challenge? OK!

 this was a meal I already blogged about... the brats and concoction meal... soo good!
 this was our meatzza crust before we baked it... it turned out really good-and kinda looked like a pool when it came out of the oven! LOL
 My side looks better than HIS side -yuck! (who really likes olives and mushrooms anyway?) ... there were lots of pepperonis on it! Fresh from the deli!
 my slice-this shit was good!
 At a different time we had grown up lunchables... that's right... look at that!? I seriously became aged 10 when this happened...
 One of my gifts from my sweetie! Look at that!!! :D (Scott Pilgrim reference if you didn't catch it)
 My Angel!!! :) Isn't she gorgeous!!! (he paints minis too...)
 My love letter--Pretty sure he only wrote me one because he wanted to make a wax seal <3
<3 I am so lucky and blessed. Love you too sweetie!

So on to the next part... THE CHALLENGE!!!

So ... you know how last week I got all down in the dumps because I was REALLY excited about maybe doing the CrossFit Games stuff and then it kinda got shot down and then I was all down in the dumps. I didn't throw it all out again (of course) but I was kinda blah... 

Well... there is a new challenge I have decided to try. It is only 10 dollars more than the last one I was planning to do so HEY NOT THAT BAD!

It is the CrossFit Sioux Falls 30 day Paleo Challenge... WHAT? Yeah... So I can totally do that right?

I am even gonna drop DAIRY for this MOFO! (I know right!?) Besides it might be good for me to test my reaction to a dairy-free diet... 

For those of you who didn't click the gist is this:
You pay 30 bucks. 
Get measured, photographed and do a baseline (500m Row, 40 Squats, 30 Sit Ups, 20 Push Ups, 10 Pull Ups) at the beginning.
Every day you start with 4 points. 

To Gain Points (1pt each/day) 
  • 8+hrs of sleep
  • 1oz/lb of body weight of water (for me that is roughly 230 oz of water/day... yeah!) 
  • Take fish oil (Please give me some recommendations-otherwise I will just buy the cheap ones at HyVee)
  • Work out at the box. (aka CrossFit) 
To Lose Points:

  • Lose 1 point if you have a cheat (the website lists brownies and breads as cheats... my goal is to never EVER lose a point!) 
  • Lose 3 points (one point for the day) if you do a totally non-paleo day... eat like a CW would.
At the end will be photographed, measured and baselined again. The top 3 contestants will win ... something... possibly money and prizes WHO KNOWS... you know what you will win!? SANITY, HEALTH, PRIDE, SELF-ESTEEM, and GRATITUDE! (and much much more)

So... OBVIOUSLY I am going to do it! It totally fits in the 366 days of primal... not to mention it gives me something to work for and challenge myself with without being all disappointed that I am not cut out for the CrossFit games! :)

Next post: Manda's Musings Week 2! :D

Take care all of you! <3 Much love and warmth to you all


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