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Thursday, February 16, 2012

46/366 Check(in) List... and a great day.

Hey there folks.

Today is Thursday... and it was another good one. Ben Wermers has been making Thursdays great in my life since 2010 and I hope he keeps it coming.

I got to talk on the phone with my very wonderful amazing cousin Nicole (who is due any day to have her first baby!!!!) Ben and I did some errands and that was about it... and I worked.

I did notice today that I was feeling kind of fatigued and my joints were hurting a bit... and when I was talking to Nicole (who is basically primal-shes GF) I realized that there are some things I could be eating and allowing myself to eat that are causing that. (This is something I forget sometimes.) SO that gave me an idea... during the CrossFit 30 Day Paleo Challenge (that is so long) to do a Check(in) List...

Here is what it will look like:

On a scale of 1-10 rate the following for today only: (May even be like... today at 5 pm and today at 10 pm... IDK yet)

Fatigue(Like muscles tired):

Tiredness (Like head tired):

Soreness (Like muscles soreness):

Joint Pain (yep):

Stuffiness (upon waking up sinus):

Sleep (in Hrs):

Water intake (In oz):

Fish Oil:



Does that make sense? anything else you can think of?... i just really want to see what makes me feel different things and really I want to feel the best I can as much as I can.

:) Thanks for being a supporter in the healthy growth of me.


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