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Monday, February 6, 2012

35 and 36/366 SuperBowl, Cake, Exhaustion, and Self Doubt

Hello there. I hope you were all smart enough to root for the Giants like I was. :D What a crappy game. The commercials were really good-and Madonna was an entirely awful disappointment... not to be a negative nancy or anything...

Not really feeling it today-Not exactly sure why. Maybe it is a lack of protein... or too many primal sweets in such a short period of time. Maybe it is the result of my weigh in LOL... (that was bad) ... I don't know. I am really tired-I am struggling with my *virus* again so I am really really tired... it takes a lot out of me and I am lucky I haven't gotten sick from it this time. *sigh*

So onto the whole self doubt thing... this is really strange especially after the letter I wrote to myself last night. I am feeling really good about our transformation so far and I know that it won't happen over night. I am really loving being back at CrossFit and this month is registration for CrossFit Games (especially Sectionals currently). I know I am just starting back up and I am worse than a beginner at this point... but I want to push myself so badly and people keep commenting on how it is for every level of crossfitter etc. Well then today I asked our box owner if I should compete because it seems like fun and a few of my CF Friends are doing it and have encouraged me to go. It seemed to me that the owner thinks that it is not the best idea for me to go... which I understand. I know I am not an allstar CFer yet... and I know that I would probably be a disappointment to CFSF team and bring their score down astronomically... but I was really excited about it. I was excited that people wanted me there, I was excited to challenge myself with something I would have never tried before... But... I can't decide what to do now.

 I should post pictures of cake... that would make everyone happier right?


This is the coconut cake from the make it paleo cook book. If you do not own this cook book-do yourself a favor and buy it!

 spreading the batter in the pan
 the baked cake-I would have eaten it without the frosting too!
 the simple and delicious frosting
There it is... we didn't eat it all don't worry. 

Ben's family and best friend (all CW) ate it and LOVED it... this will DEFINITELY be one of the options at our wedding! :D

I hope you all are having a better Monday than I am. Love you all 



  1. Bad weigh in? Whatevs. Youre probably building muscle, maybe a bit bloated from sweets, and probably a little bloated due to a new workout regime. Hello temporary beginners inflammation!

    Also, those CF games. Psh. You are doing this for YOU. Not to show off in front of peeps. So kick ass, get from negative starting point back up to nailing WODs and feel ass-kickin' about it. Then maybe if you still feel like showing off a bit, show off. Dont put too much pressure on yourself too soon. That will always equal failure.

    You can do this. You deserve this. Its awesome.

    PS Need cake recipe, yesterday! xo

    1. AWWW TARA!!!

      Thank you dearest! <3 You are the most amazing!

      You are right. and I was letting crap get me down that I shouldn't but for some reason it was. I am really blah right now but you're right I am doing this for me not anyone else-on my own terms!

      <3 thanks for your love!


  2. Mmm... cake...

    Psshh. Weigh in, shmeigh in. So says I who watched the scale jump up FIVE POUNDS after a naughty Superbowl night. :P

    I totally get why you're torn on the games, and TBH it would have me feeling kind of down too. It sounds like it would be awesome fun but it does kind of suck feeling like you don't quite measure up. No worries tho. You're well on your way to kicking some major A. <3

    1. Thanks DR!

      You, too, are an extraordinary friend! :D I love ya!

      I know I know--I gotta get back on my horse and ride it... which I am doing. Today was much better.