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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

38/366 sure did mess that one up didn't I?

Been in a kinda wonky mood for the last few days. Emotions like a roller-coaster... cravings like a roller-coaster... kinda feeling less-than.

I even kind of snapped at Ben-nothing makes me feel worse than that.

I realized, though, what it was. I think we loosened the leash a bit too much... we had a few too many flexible meals in a row. I do think we can *treat* ourselves once in a while without it becoming a need by any means... but we have to be very aware of it. This time we lost our awareness a bit... and here I am flying off the handle.

Yeah-Makes me feel lousy. Especially when I go back and read what I wrote... what was it? 3 days ago!? wow... I am human aren't I?!

I think the other thing is Shark Week coming 2 weeks early, and then having a flareup for the last week and a half ... really REALLY takes a lot out of me! I miss being with Ben as much as I can be and this makes me an attention whore-begging for attention wherever I can get it!...

This is where I am at.
Thanks for loving me anyway.

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