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Saturday, February 25, 2012

54/366 catching up... on things... and the challenge


I have been doing A LOT of wedding planning which has left a lot less time on this crap!!

I guess I should mention I am doing great on the challenge. I have gotten 7 points every day this week so far. I did my baseline and kicked its ass at 9:17. It was awesome.  I am grateful to be doing better.

So anyway... Here are some pictures of my recent adventures:

 A valentines day treat... I figured it was better than ice cream or chocolate eh?
 Wait, is that your bed on the floor of the entry way?... yeah... it is... We broke the bed... On accident one of the board just popped out and we had to readjust it the next day... don't be dirty!
 This was the most expensive meal we have ever made at home... and it was probably my least favorite. Crab cakes. YUCK! I tried them at least.
 Ben stirrin up the crab cakes...
 Crab cakes and asparagus all done!
It was pretty though!
 Angeled eggs... I am really REALLY good at making them...
 Our new favorite thing to eat is wraps at home... JJ Unwitch at a fraction of the cost with yummy home made mayo... this was the end of the lettuce so i made cups... cute huh!?
the acorn squash from the stew (We forgot to take before pics)
 with the stew meat and some fresh rosemary on top! YUM!
 add carrots and VIOLA!

  I am doing a new face treatment... This is the "Before" Pic... we'll talk more about it after a few weeks and you see an "after" Pic. :) (I was really tired it was an early morning) 

That is about all folks. Stay tuned for Manda's Musings! :) Take care

Have a beautiful weekend!

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