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Friday, February 3, 2012

33/366 Day 2 at CrossFit... Happy to be here.

Hello there readers. :)

I'm having a good day although I would be lying if I said I didn't totally hit my wall about 20 minutes ago... I hit it hard... Like I was sprinting right at it and BAM. Probably all the nights of less than normal sleep along with the KICK ASS workout I did today... (and it was kick ass-don't you worry)


(for others) Team work out: (this means you do it with another person) 150m ROW, 12 Kettlebell swings (35lbs), 12 Goblet squats(35 lbs)--All x14 (7 each)

(for me) same thing except  I did 6 kbs at 25 and 6 goblet squats 15 ... not bad eh? ... our time was 21:23! I loved it.

At the end a bunch of gals came up to me and were telling me how glad they were to see me back at CFSF... that really made me feel good. :)

Food today was simple... left over chicken from last week with the sauce we made last night, and a left over brownie... I also gave some brownies to R from work... for her to take to her husband and have for herself. She seems to really be loving primal :D

So quick-like... I am going to do my major posts on Sundays most likely--or Tuesdays... these are my days off most weeks. We shall see. I already have a decent list of interesting topics I would like to write about... the first one is A Letter to My Future Self. :) (thanks to the 2 people who voted)

That is about it for tonight. Sorry I am so short sometimes-thank you for reading anyway!

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