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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

31/366 - Back in Black

Today was not much special. I had a hard time sleeping last night. It took a lot to get to sleep then when I finally was asleep... BAM I woke up again (at like 4) . I was sore... (Nothing like last week sore) however sore in the thighs, butt, abs, back, shoulders and forearms... FUN! esp with a nearly 12 hr day today and a 12 hr (with a break) tomorrow as well... Oh well. Worth it. Then I couldnt get back to sleep until well after 630. I got some decent sleep from then til about 930 so all in all I probably got like 6 goodish hours of sleep last night. I am doing ok today though-thanks for asking.

Food was simple today. Sausage and eggs for breakfast, apple for lunch with a slice of cheese, a few more sausage links for dinner... see? simple.

I am grateful to be back at CrossFit. I am really feeling driven this time. I can't wait to see what I look like when I get to where I want to be and also I am just glad to be back to a healthy way of living. I forget so easily what it feels like. I can't believe I give it up to taste some of that crap...

Speaking of which I am working on 2 non-daily blog posts and I want you (my readers) to vote on which I post first.

1. Why I am doing this. My why statement. Whatever you wanna call it... the WHY to the WHAT that I am doing here.

2. Dear Future Me. A letter to myself to remind me not to fall off the wagon again. What healthy me would say to the unhealthy me who makes all those bad decisions.

Which would you like to read?

Love you all,

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