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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New developments in love

Twelve months ago right now I was more excited than ever about my upcoming graduation from college, my successful life as a primal chick, and my job doing what I loved. My thoughts of men at the time were really few and far between. I knew I would be moving into my own place on June 1st and starting my job on June 7th. My hopes were that I would be moving out of my apartment in a year or less to move to a different state for work, namely Colorado.

Flash forward 11 months... and I am moving out. I was right! However, I was OH SO WRONG. About 14 months ago I told a fellow interpreter that I am NOT a fan of South Dakota and will NOT be sticking around. She said "oh just wait until the moment that you meet the right man and realise that South Dakota isn't so bad after all." I laughed at her comment and shrugged it off. "No man is worth living HERE for... and as far as I am concerned the men in South Dakota aren't that special."

Today I moved in with Ben. Ben... Is someone special. I didn't move across the country or even across town... I moved across the hall. But this cozy two bedroom apartment is just what we need and I see a bright and beautiful future in our midst. Now? South Dakota isn't so bad. As a matter of fact, I love it! My need to get out that has been aching in me for the 8 years I have lived here, GONE. I love it, it is home, and I am not kidding or settling or saying "well, i can deal with it i guess..." Nope, completely changed my mind, maybe I wasn't looking in the right places. Maybe I was holding other states (Colorado) to higher standards-not to say Colorado doesn't deserve the praise.

Do you remember the list? this man-He  IS the list... he is the list and everything in between. Forget a 65% or an 82% or even a 99%... he is at least 112% if not better... Perfect? ABSOLUTELY NOT... Perfect for me? MOST DEFINITELY.

Thanks for reading. Give someone a hug and kiss tonight.

Manda <3

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  1. You two rock in so many ways. <3