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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Set up to fail?

So I am wondering if by over planning and over doing things I am perpetually setting myself up to fail?

This is possible. Especially since I have been known to do it in the past. So what I have done instead of committing myself to too much (Like you see in the previous posts on this blog) is just start from the beginning from step one.

The first step I took a year ago to get myself clean and healthy was to read the Primal Blueprint and to enjoy living my life every day through those thoughts, words, and laws. The primal blueprint is not an end all be all for me nor is it the "bible". It is what works for me and I don't expect anyone to heed or agree to what I want just because of this blog and because it is what I say is right. I encourage everyone to do their own research and find what works best for them.

On that note-PB is what works best for me. It makes sense, it isn't hard to do, and it is pretty rewarding in a myriad of ways.

I have begun to re-read the book The Primal Blueprint. I will post, when I can and want to, about what it is doing for me.

Today it did a lot. I was talking to Ben and mentioned that the first time I read the book it was like the book was educating me and introducing me to new ideas and concepts which I just devoured. This time it is like Mark himself is telling me "Manda, it's ok you slipped, we all do. We are humans. Just keep in mind that we have reasons for doing those things and we have reasons for being Primal. Be primal, love it and live it. Stop THINKING about what you want and start just DOING and BEING what you want."

He is right. I can do this because 1. I have done it before and 2. it is well worth the effort it takes.

I am quite ready for the time in the future when Ben and I are living together and hopefully we will have a regular eating pattern of some kind. Just excited about the idea of eating delicious food more often.

Anyway-that is all I have to say for now. Good night and thank you for your support through all my ups and downs. I'm human.


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  1. With PB, and Ben by your side, you are setting yourself up to WIN! I love Primal/Paleo with all my being. Can't imagine being SAD again. You and Ben are going to ROCK this thing!!! HUGS!!!! <3