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Friday, August 20, 2010

Manda's "Do Anything" List

Recent events have lead me to realize there are so many things I would love to do in my lifetime. I am sure this is a common notion, otherwise movies like "The Bucketlist" wouldn't exist. However, I just can't accept the thought of not being able to accomplish everything on my list. I figured I would actually make one, and post it, and I hope that one day I can mark everything off as "done". I truly believe life is too short to not enjoy...

Travel the world
Road trip the United States (and Canada)
*Swim* in a lake in the mountains with a waterfall (I can invision it... )
Wear barefoot-like or no shoes for the rest of my life
See the whale migration
See the turtle migration
See the salmon migration
Visit the panda sanctuary
Get my PhD
Go to the interpreting program at Juliard
Interpret for someone famous
Lead a girl scout troop
Be a mom
Start a/work at a CrossFit
inspire someone to be healthier
inspire someone to be an interpreter
inspire someone to be a mom
live in a pretty cottage/cabin
go somewhere fun specifically for a concert
get married on the cliffs of Mohr
grow 50%+ of my own food
live off the grid for a while
own a VW bug
Tattos: Pangel, Grok/Live like no one else, cladaugh, beloved, (Jamie)
See an opera at THE Opera House in Austrailia
Hang glide
sky dive
get out of debt
teach an ASL class for parents
have a motorcycle
motorcycle through another country
go to the burning man festival
become an AOW at CFSF
be NIC-Master level
have home births
train another dog
go to a super bowl
go to a world sport event
attend Primal Con
interpret a large event (like BIG)

FIT LIST: (my list of things I wanna do when I physically can)

Ice scate
run a marathon
martial arts
win a contest of a physical nature

There is probably more to be added, so stay tuned. Since my divorce I have learned how crucial it is that we don't lose sight of who we are and what our goals are. Sometimes I feel that becoming a professional and working so hard to get to the level that I am at has made me surpass all of those young adult adventures I could have had. And then I remember one thing: Age is a number... it's all a state of mind!
:) Hang Tough!

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