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Monday, August 23, 2010

Health and Happiness-Week Two

Well, CrossFit kicked my butt again. On Monday we did these squat things that made me sore for two days, and then of course Wednesday we worked on something else to make me sore, Friday we did Fight Gone Bad again (we are trying to raise money and awareness for the livestrong foundation and a couple others... the 5th annual CF Fight Gone Bad.)
Wednesday was cool because a guy at my box helped me work on my Snatch form... Pretty soon the world will know me as Manda-Master of the Snatch... until then at least I have good form. :) The box owner here in SF is so incredibly supportive and seems actually impressed with my form. Seems to think that my days as a CrossFitter will be long and strong (which is exactly what I am shooting for).
As far as food and primal living go... I have been having a rough summer. In my opinion summer time is much harder than the holidays. At least during the holidays there are yummy things like turkey and ham everywhere you turn. During the summer it is all the ice cream and chips and salsa that get me! So I made a deal with myself that I will stop being such a cheater, I think it is really taking its toll on me. I have decided to do 90-100% primal until Sept 18th when my local CrossFit is having a Paleo contest for 7 weeks.
The contest includes:
Pay in 30 bucks to live 7 weeks paleo. Must submit weekly food journals on Google Docs. must take 3 (side, front, back) before pics within 3 days of the starting day, and 3 after pics within 3 days of the ending day. There will be weekly (Saturday) meetings about Paleo living which are free to people who are participating. WINNER GETS?: The pot! well half the pot, there is a male and female winner. The winners also receive one month UNLIMITED CrossFit membership (5 classes/week if you want).
Really I am in this for a few reasons:
1. get my act together again before the cold months of doom come around
2. I really want that free month membership-that would rock
3. Look like a million dollars that much sooner
4. Prove to myself that I can do it.
5. I wanna wear a size 10 by October 31st and I know I can... Or maybe by October 11 which is my ex and my 2 year anniversary-that'll show him ;)
The sooner I get where I wanna be the sooner I am there. I have accepted that I am a PBer for life. I have accepted also that I will be a CrossFitter for life and these things make me happy! I know that my "goals" are a bit less structured than most, but I will know it when I get there... and when I am there I will get my Grok tattoo and celebrate! :)
I am 3 lbs away from my first major goal. I would like to be under 200 lbs by my birthday next Tuesday. It will happen.
My next major goals are: size 12 pants and 175 lbs... I will let you know when I get there :)
Keep on grokin' on!

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